Diagnostic and Imaging Services

Heart Scan

Heart nuclear scan is a diagnostic method that accurately assesses the blood supply to the heart muscle and helps to diagnose coronary artery occlusion. It is a non-invasive diagnostic method that can be performed before angiography and determine the necessity of the required diagnostic or therapeutic action.

Bone Scan

Three hours after the injection of the appropriate radiopharmaceutical substance, which is absorbed in the bones of the whole body, imaging of the bones is done. The smallest changes in the amount of bone formation caused by various diseases and lesions, such as hidden fractures, tumors and infections, can be detected by bone scanning.

Lung Perfusion Scan

This scan is used to check the blood supply of lung tissue. Any factor that reduces blood supply to the lung tissue will be seen as a perfusion defect in the scan. One of its most common uses is to prove or rule out pulmonary embolism in patients who suffer from acute respiratory symptoms following surgery or prolonged immobility.